H D 1 DANCE - Company Message

1st place
Cadence     modern
Olivia T      ballet
Teigha        acro
Sophia        national
Mimi           character
Maisie         tap
Brianna       tap
Georgia       tap
Amy dj        ballet
Georgia       modern
Mimi           modern
Cadence      tap
Daisy           modern
Amy dj        modern
Mimi            ballet
Georgia        ballet
Elsie            character
Georgia        character
Mimi            song and dance
Georgia       song and dance
Favourite things duet
Hakuna matata duet
jungle duet
Eloise/Scarlett  ballet duet
Mary poppins trio
Singing in rain trio

2nd place
Sophia      tap
Ruby j      national
Molly        song and dance
Amy w      acro
Mimi         national
Daisy        character
Molly        ballet
Mimi         tap
Eloise       tap
Teigha      tap
Brianna     modern
Amy w      modern
Ellie         tap
Henry       modern
Imani       modern
Brianna    modern
Sophia     modern
Elsie        tap
Daisy       ballet
Sheila      ballet
Elsie        modern
Maisie      modern
Daisy       song and dance
Maisie      character
Ruby        character
Truly scrumptious duet
Get happy duet
We love to boogie duet
Hushabye duet
Fox and swan duet
My way duet
Egyptian trio
Troubled water trio
Cotton eye joe trio
Naughty trio
Fascinating rhythm troupe
Toys group

3rd place
Isabella       modern
Sheila          national
Cadence      song and dance
Addison       ballet
Daisy           national
Natasha       tap
Ruby j         modern
Sheila         modern
Amy dj        tap
Amy dj        character
Amy w         ballet
Teigha         character
Brianna        song and dance
Olivia t        song and dance
Olivia t        character
Elsie            song and dance
Ruby           ballet
Good morning duet
Say something duet
Princess in tower duet
Rainbow duet
Hard knock life duet
Chinese trio
3 fishes trio
No light trio

4th place
Olivia T       tap
Maisie         national
Elsie           song and dance
Natasha      national
Elsie           national
Brianna       character
Addison       character
Olivia mc     tap
Sheila          tap
Summer       modern
Teigha         modern
Molly           tap
Amy j          tap
Olivia s        ballet
Teigha         ballet
Olivia mc     modern
Molly           modern
Henry          song and dance
Scarlett       song and dance
Olivia mc     character
Perfect nanny duet
Rainbow duet
Danny boy duet
Taught to dance duet
Shindlers list duet
Steam heat duet
Eidelvise trio
Chatanooga choo choo trio
Bibbety Bobbety boo trio

Bursary entries were
Teigha Reynolds      acro
Georgia Horsfall      modern
Maisie/Ruby            Jungle duet
Mimi                       Song and dance

Trophies  17
A section winner          Amelia Crowe
B section winner          Cadence Carapezza
B section runner up      Elsie Pinder
D section winner          Georgia Horsfall
D section runner up      Sheila Conroy
E section winner           Maisie Beaumont
F section runner up       Ruby Jubb
National trophy             Sophia Andrews
Best boy dancer            Henry Dawson Jones
Junior novice winner     Amy Dawson Jones
Personality award         Molly Martin
Junior duets/cab          Molly Martin/Cadence Carapezza
Junior duets/class        Eloise Neary/S Chamberlain
Junior trios/no song     Niamh Lavery/Molly Martin/Cadence Carapezza
Junior trios/song          Olivia Turner/Molly Martin/Cadence Carapezza
Acro trophy                  Teigha Reynolds
Senior duets                 Maisie Beaumont/Ruby Jubb

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