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The Valleys Festival 2015 results

Bursary Entries   Amelia Crowe      Baby ballet
                         Teigha Reynolds   Inter gym

1st Place
Say goodbye                               Inter groups
Eloise Neary                               junior novice cabaret
Olivia Turner                              A ballet
Molly/Cadence                           Junior cabaret duets
Molly/Cadence/Elsie                  Junior classical trio
Teigha Reynolds                         Inter gym
Lollipop                                     Inter troupes
Addison Lees                             A character
Amelia Crowe                            Baby ballet
Daisy Whitaker                           Baby national
Imani Collier                              A national
Imani Collier                              A song and dance
Amy Whitworth                          Inter novice classical
Teigha Reynolds                         Inter novice cabaret
Rainbows                                   Junior groups
Wizard of Oz                              Open acts
Maisie Beaumont                        E modern
Maisie Beaumont                        E national
Brianna Cawood                         Baby tap
Sophia Andrews                         C national
Amelia Crowe                            Baby character
Niamh/Elsie                              Junior classical duet
Ruby/Maisie/Sheila                    Senior classical trio
Isabella/Elsie/Molly                   Junior cabaret trio/song
Elsie Pinder                                B character
Elsie Pinder                                B tap
Cadence/Niamh/Mollly               junior cabaret trio

2nd Place
Breanna Harrison                     Junior novice cabaret
Scarlett Chamberlain                A tap
Addison Lees                            A tap
Eloise/Scarlett/Imani               Junior classical trio
Amy Whitworth                        Inter gym
Imani Collier                            A character
Henry Dawson Jones                 Baby ballet
Brianna Cawood                       Baby ballet
Amelia Crowe                          Baby national
Olivia Turner                           A national
Amelia Crowe                          Baby modern
Sheila/Sophia                          Inter classical duet
Peter Pan                                Open acts
Toys                                        Senior groups
Ruby Ingham                            A national
Georgia/Teigha/Natasha          Inter classical trio
Cadence/Molly                        Junior cabaret duet/song
Eloise Neary                            A national
Scarlett/Eloise                        Junior classical duet
Wedding                                 Junior troupe
Natasha/Georgia                     Inter cabaret duets/song
Georgia/Natasha/Sophia          Inter classical trio
Amelia crowe                          Baby tap
Amelia Crowe                          Baby song and dance
Brianna Cawood                       Baby song and dance
Georgia/Teigha                        Inter Cabaret duet
Sophia Andrews                        C character
Sophia Andrews                        C tap
Sophia Andrews                        C modern
Olivia/Molly/Cadence              Junior cabaret trio/song
Natasha/Georgia/Sophia           Inter cabaret trio/song
Maisie/Ruby/Teigha                 Senior Cabaret trio
Ellie/Amy/Amy                        Junior cabaret trio

3rd Place
Imani Collier                            A modern
Ruby Ingham                            Junior novice cabaret
Olivia Turner                            A tap
Molly/Elsie                               Junior cabaret duet
Amy/Addison/Ellie                   Junior classical trio
Amy/Renee/Olivia                   Junior classical trio
Ruby Ingham                            Junior novice classical
Amy Dawson Jones                   Junior novice classical
Olivia Turner                            A character
Olivia Serutla                           Baby ballet
Daisy Whitaker                         Baby ballet
Scarlett Chamberlain                A song and dance
Daisy Whitaker                         Baby modern
Amy Whitworth                        Inter novice cabaret
Wonderful World                      Junior groups
Georgia/Natasha                      Inter classical duets
Teigha/Amy                             Inter classical duets
Teigha/Amy                             Inter cabaret duets/song
Maisie Beaumont                      E ballet
Sheila Conroy                           Choreographic
Elsie Pinder                              Choreographic
Amy/Teigha/Georgia                Inter cabaret trio
Daisy Whitaker                         Baby tap
Georgia Horsfall                       D tap
Sheila Conroy                           D modern
Daisy Whitaker                         Baby song and dance
Henry Dawson Jones                 Baby song and dance
Amy/Teigha                             Inter cabaret duets
Brianna Cawood                       Baby character
Maisie Beaumont                      E tap
Sophia Andrews                        C ballet
Sophia Andrews                        C song and dance
Elsie/Niamh                             Junior cabaret duet/song
Elsie Pinder                              B modern
Olivia Mcdonald                        E national
Molly Martin                             B tap
Maisie Beaumont                      E song and dance

27 Gold medals -  33 Silver medals  - 37 Bronze medals

Trophies Won
Teachers trophy                        H.D.1 Dance
Baby winner                             Amelia Crowe
A Section winner                       Imani Collier
B section winner                       Elsie Pinder
C Section runner up                  Sophia Andrews
E section winner                       Maisie Beaumont
Junior novice                           Eloise Neary
Junior cabaret duets                Molly Martin - Cadence Carapezza
Junior classical duets               Elsie Pinder - Niamh Lavery
Junior cabaret trioi                  Niamh Lavery - Molly Martin - Cadence carapezza
Junior classical trio                  Cadence Carapezza - Elsie Pinder - Molly Martin
Junior cabaret trio/song           Isabella Stevenson - Elsie Pinder - Molly Martin
Junior groups                           H.D.1 Dance
Open acts                                H.D.1 Dance
Inter gym                                Teigha Reynolds
Inter novice cabaret                 Teigha Reynolds
Inter novice classical                Amy Whitworth
Inter troupes                            H.D.1 Dance
Inter groups                             H.D.1 Dance
Senior trio                                Ruby Jubb - Sheila Conroy - Maisie Beaumont
Most promising dancer              Sheila Conroy
Best personality                       Molly Martin

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